Family Medicine

Our Family Medicine physicians and physician assistants provide care for the whole family. Family medicine is a broadly encompassing medical specialty because it requires unique attitudes, skills and knowledge about the whole family and it provides continuing, comprehensive health care for an individual and family.

Family medicine directly focuses on the constant care and relationships that exist between the family doctor and patients. Because of their strong relationship with their patients, family physicians are able to continue providing comprehensive and adequate health care through all phases of life. They serve as each patient’s advocate in all matters relating to their health, including the appropriate use of experts, proper health services, and community resources.

Family Medicine and Its Values

Family medicine is a foundation of health care and is an integral part of medicine. A few of our family medicine values are outlined below:

Integrating Knowledge-Based Evidence of Our Patients

Quality medical care is one driving force behind family medicine. Medical evidence, including one’s medical history, is employed to guide diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on the prior knowledge about the patients. Family medicine physicians also know when to nullify an evidence-based approach when the patient’s illness calls for it. This practice utilizes social intelligence in order to position the family medicine physician to respond to a variety of complaints in order to meet the patient’s needs.

Family Medicine is the Backbone of Primary Care

Family medicine as a practice of medicine has created flexibility that is helping the health care system to be personalized for patients who are constantly frustrated with the complexity of the healthcare system. This is a welcome deviation from the traditional health care system. This modern model of family medicine strives to make the personal medical care the norm while providing a profound range of services.

The Entire Family Receives Medical Care

Family medicine cares for patients of all ages by diagnosing and treating their illness or ailments. Family medicine physicians also provide preventive care like routine checkups, health risk assessments, immunizations and offer personalized expert guidance to keep the family healthy.

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How Family Medicine Operates

Family medicine is knowledge, skill and process-based. The relationship between the physician and the patients and or family is the key to maintaining a successful family medicine practice. The emphasis placed on the relationship between the physician and the patient is what sets apart family medicine from all other types of medical care.

Family medicine will continue to have an unmatched opportunity to impact and make a difference in the health of a patient over their entire lifetime.

We’re Minimally Invasive at Saint Camillus Medical Center

Often times, surgery will be a last resort for any musculoskeletal issues after medication and physical therapy has been previously tried to treat your issue. Should you require surgery, the surgeons at Saint Camillus Medical Center focus primarily on minimally invasive surgery and techniques to help treat your injuries and manage your pain while providing for the best possible outcome for your case. Minimally invasive procedures can help reduce pain and allow for a quicker recovery time. Orthopedic surgeons can also perform a variety of arthroscopic procedures, which allow them to visualize, diagnose, and treat problems inside of a joint. Additionally, our doctors at Saint Camillus Medical Center can help manage your entire care from advice about pain management including medication and/or injections, rehabilitation and physical therapy including a potential time frame, and ongoing orthopedic care and treatment.