Battling Hammertoe Foot Pain

Battling Hammertoe Foot Pain

Battling Hammertoe Foot Pain

Find Relief from Hammertoe Pain in Fort Worth

The anatomy of the feet is one of the most complex systems of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons that exist in the body. In fact, each foot contains 28 bones and 30 joints, all of which withstand a large amount of wear and tear daily. It’s no surprise that the joints of the toes, just like the hip joints and knee joints, are vulnerable to injury and degeneration.

The most common condition affecting the joints of the toes is hammertoe. A hammertoe occurs when the second, third, or fourth toe develops a claw-like deformity in its middle joint, causing the joint to curl upward and the toe to slope downward. For some people, hammertoes are hereditary.

Other causes of hammertoe pain include:

  • Arthritis in the toe joints
  • A high foot arches
  • Prolonged used of shoes that don’t fit properly
  • Injured or tightened ligaments in the foot

Hammertoe Pain Therapy in Ft. Worth, Arlington, Hurst, Mid-cities

A hammertoe may not necessarily be painful in and of itself, but when wearing shoes, it can become unbearable as the toe rubs against the top of the shoe. Even putting on shoes to go for a walk or slipping into a pair of high heels to go to work can become agonizing. Hammertoe pain can also cause pain in other parts of the feet, legs, or lower back. For people with diabetic neuropathy it can be an especially risky condition, since reduced circulation and sensation in the feet can lead to the formation of open foot sores. To avoid more serious hammertoe complications and mitigate the pain, seek the right medical attention.

Hammertoe Treatment at in Ft. Worth, Arlington, Hurst, Mid-cities

Our Saint Camillus Medical Center Podiatry Department has an expert team of podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons with experience diagnosing and treating hammertoe to help you return to a life that is free of foot pain. Our foot specialists will start by performing a physical exam and ordering imaging tests, if necessary. Then we can gauge the full extent of your hammertoe and prescribe the right treatment plan.

Hammertoe pain treatments at our Hurst foot clinic may include:

  • Custom shoe inserts or supports to mitigate hammer toe pain
  • Physical therapy focusing on rebalancing the muscles and ligaments of the foot
  • Hammertoe surgery

Hammertoe pain therapy is within reach for residents of Hurst, and the surrounding Arlington-Fort Worth areas. Don’t wait another day to get the relief you deserve at Saint Camillus Medical Center.


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